The photo shows a general view of the product


The photo shows a general view of the product


The photo shows a general view of the product


The photo shows a general view of the product


The photo shows a general view of the product


The photo shows a general view of the product


Weft hairTRESSES for hair extension

# 1black
hair color black
40 cm
amount: 61 unit by 500 gm
Total weight: gm
Texture: Straight
Length: 70 cm
Color: #1
What is tresses hair used for?

Hair extensions on tresses are one of the most common hair extensions, they are used in Hollywood hair extensions or in Afro hair extensions.

Tress from natural hair is hair fastened with a line - a strip on a thread base, on which the hair is fixed. Long woven in one line overlays from prepared donor hair. They will naturally look when attached to the head.

They are made from high quality natural hair (donor sections from the head of one person) without synthetic impurities!

Tress building is performed by a cold method, without the use of heat treatment. Allows you to easily get hair extensions with maximum volume and length of strands.

The service life of hair on tresses can be up to several years, while the correction of hair extensions will be required no earlier than in a month. We guarantee the quality of our hair!

You can order and buy hair on wefts of any colors and lengths at our Trunov Hair factory.
  • Single Drawn System SINGLE DRAWN SYSTEM
  • Cuticles Intact CUTICLES INTACT
  • Silicones free SILICONES FREE
  • Virgin Russian Hair
  • Russian Hair Extensions
  • Slavic Hair
For the density and density of hair in the weft, we sew three machine wefts into one (triple weft). The width of such a tress weighing 100 grams is on average one meter.

It is glued with a special polyurethane adhesive, which undergoes heat treatment, which avoids combing out the hair during operation and allows the master to cut the weft with scissors into the necessary segments.

Our tresses are double-hemmed and taped to ensure no frizz and long wear. And they also have a strong, but at the same time thin and elegant base. Hairpieces with invisible fasteners are obtained.


How to place an order?

Select hair based on your preferences (structure, color, length, volume) and click on the “Submit a request” button. After this, the manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order, and an invoice will be issued. Pay for your order using a method convenient for you, and within 1-2 days after payment your order will be sent to you.

How does payment work?

Regarding payment - leave a request, we will contact you.

What are the delivery terms?

Delivery is carried out by transport companies CDEK, Major Express, DHL, EMS, Post. The cost and delivery time depend on the destination and weight of the parcel. These data can be clarified with the manager by calling +7 999 180-00-55.

How to choose hair length?

You can always get advice from our specialists, and this will be the key to successful extensions and beautiful hairstyles!

How to choose hair color?

You can select the desired shade from our palette. If you have difficulty choosing, you can send a photo of your hair in good lighting. Our managers will help you choose the best shade for you

How long will hair extensions last?

With proper care, the strands will decorate your hairstyle for at least 3 years, and possibly more. It is very important to take care of the product as you would your own hair. Hair extensions need NUTRITION and HYDRATION! Use sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners and masks that are designed to moisturize your hair. In addition, we highly recommend avoiding crazy experiments, because when dyeing even your own hair, the structure of the hair is very often damaged - the same can happen with extensions.

How long can you wear hair extensions?

The duration of hair wear before correction is influenced, first of all, by the method of extension and the growth rate of your own hair. On average, correction should be carried out no more than once every 2-3 months. As your hair grows, the attachment point of the strands becomes noticeable. In addition, the strand of hair to which additional hair was attached gradually becomes thinner (during the process of natural regeneration, some of the old hair falls out and new ones grow), and the load on your own hair increases. Therefore, regardless of the extension technology, wearing hair extensions for more than 3 months is not recommended. At the end of this period, hair correction or extensions should be done again.

any other questions?

If you have any questions, you can call us: +7 (999) 180-00-55 or write to WhatsApp: We will be happy to dispel your doubts and clarify unclear points!

our Weft hair

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  • 5 мм линия
  • 30 оттенков
  • Длина
    от 40 до 80 см
  • На фоторгафии
  • волнистые трессы
  • №999
  • длиной 55 см
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