What additional services do we offer
  • Industrial bleaching and hair coloring
  • Taping
  • Encapsulation
  • Tracing

Company values

Our main goal is to provide our clients with high-quality products, which is why we invest in new technologies development, QA, and professional employee training.

We approach manufacturing intending not to let anything go to waste, which allows us to have a reasonable markup on our products while delivering highquality hair extensions for each of our clients.

Our manufacturing facilities in Saratov allow us to produce over 1000 kg of hair extensions each month, having 1500 kg of goods in store ready for immediate shipping.

We work with other wholesale manufacturing companies, equipment, and product suppliers.

With wholesale companies being our main priority, we also cooperate with beauty salons, hair extensions masters, and hair extensions retail shops all over the world. 575 hair extensions masters from 12 different countries cooperate with us regularly.

All of our hair extensions are made from donor hair from the head of one person with an intact cuticle, which makes it the highest grade on the market.

We import only the best raw materials from foreign countries, process them, and deliver the final product to our customers all over the world.

Before the pandemic, we have personally traveled for each purchase of the raw materials. As for now, we have established a network of entrusted specialists who help us with ensuring of careful delivery of the highest quality stock.