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Beautiful silky hair is the key to a complete harmonious image and self-confidence. This is an indicator of health, youth, status and, of course, a source of pride. Unfortunately, not everyone gets strong and thick hair by nature. A quick and convenient procedure for hair extensions comes to the rescue. We share the desire of our clients for beauty, so we are ready to tell you about every stage of the work of the Trunov Hair Professional hair factory.

Our hair factory operates on the principle of "one stop shop": you can buy everything you need to manipulate hair extensions from us - from the curls themselves (from 35 cm to 1 meter long) to the necessary tools.

Our hair menu includes:
  • Hair cuts
  • Hair for capsule extensions
  • Hair for tape extensions
  • Hair clips
  • Chignons
  • Tails
  • Other post-productions
  • Italian keratin
  • Hair extension tools
We also provide other professional services: Industrial bleaching and hair coloring, Taping, Encapsulation, Tracing

1 Purchase of raw materials

High-quality production of hair extensions begins long before the raw materials reach our production. We use only premium hair - namely, donor raw materials cut from the head of one person. This is how we achieve perfect quality - in your bundle there will be absolutely identical hair that will look like a single ensemble when building. Such hair in the beauty environment has earned the title of the most expensive and high-quality.

The "single cut" technology distinguishes Trunov Hair Professional from 98% of other companies that use shed hair. So in one tail there can be hair of thousands of different people. Despite the external unity, there will be no harmony between the strands - neither in care nor during further operation.

We only work with trusted hair collectors who share our company's mission to maintain the quality of the raw materials at such a level that the hair extensions retain their softness, silkiness and natural shine. As a result of careful selection, we get beautiful, healthy, processable hair.

Nikita Trunov
Создатель Trunov Hai
Before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, I
made a purchase from the assemblers and checked the quality of the material at the start.
Now hair pickers are selecting for us, I control the process via video link.
You can be sure that each purchase is accompanied by a multi-level verification procedure.
2 Delivery

There have been no delivery delays in the history of our company. Buying hair from us, you protect yourself from risks. Trunov Hair Professional uses exclusively legal delivery schemes. This provides us with stable work and 100% fulfillment of obligations to customers.

3 Reception of raw materials

When the hair arrives at our factory, the important stage of sorting begins. Our specialists divide raw materials depending on their characteristics. From some hair you get a dazzling blond, from others - an ideal light brown braid. The experience of our employees allows us to increase the level of predictability of the future result to the maximum!

The key to quality hair treatment:
  • Competent sorting
  • Refined dyeing process
  • High degree of result predictability
Innovative technology

Next, the hair must go through a multi-stage bleaching procedure. 99% of Chinese factories use acid treatment to simplify this process and reduce hair processing time.

At Trunov Hair Professional, we do not use this technology: it has a detrimental effect on the structure of the hair, which means it spoils the raw material even at the stage of its preparation. Our specialists work according to the methodology developed under the supervision of the head of the company, Nikita Trunov.

Own research

To ensure that hair extensions meet all the needs of customers, there is an experimental laboratory on the basis of our factory. We are testing new hair bleaching and coloring schemes, as well as testing materials made by other companies.

So, a chemical analysis of hair purchased in China showed that there are components harmful to human health on their surface:

  • Chlorine
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Formaldehyde
  • Aromatic amines

By choosing the products of our hair factory, you can be sure of your safety. Trunov Hair Professional is the territory of "green" production.

We are against chemical harm to the planet, therefore, in our work we use materials that are safe for nature and humans.
Hair preparation before bleaching

Bleaching is an important step in the production of hair extensions. Each tail in the batch is individually marked. This is how we control the process at all levels: after bleaching, it is important to clearly understand which supply the material belongs to and which supplier this section comes from.

Before bleaching, the hair goes through a flashing stage. The cuticular direction during bleaching and staining is preserved - not a single cut will be confused with the rest. This saves the tail from the "reversed" - the so-called no remy-hair, which is embedded in it in the opposite direction of the cuticle.


To maintain the quality and structure of the hair, we practice slow bleaching with a reduced amount of chemical materials. That is why it is so pleasant to work with Trunov Hair Professional products. We eliminate tangles, dryness, porosity of hair - those problems that natural hair usually suffers from, but which extensions cannot afford.

 Employees of our laboratory continuously monitor the bleaching process: the concentration of chemically pure materials, temperature, PH level. The result of such intensive work on the face. We get:

  • Permanent colors
  • Snow-white shades
  • Hair longevity
  • No harmful chemical residues on the hair
Elena Ivanova
Trunov Hair Laboratory Technologist
You can be sure that every purchase is accompanied by a procedure multilevel verification.

Next, we sort the hair for the second time and send it for dyeing and stylist work. In order to achieve the perfect color in the future, at this stage it is important to observe several criteria:

  • Determine the number of shades of paint

  • Sort hair by tone

  • Create blend cards

Styling shop

In it, all prepared material is converted into "semi-finished products" and finished products:

  • slices

  • Hair for capsule extensions

  • Hair for tape extensions

  • Tress

  • Chignons

To send the hair to a “big life”, we put a final gloss on it: we comb the threads, perform a lengthwise haul, remove short hair and split ends – you should fall in love with our quality, no more, no less.

Elena Ivanovha
Trunov Hair stylist technologist
After the stylist shop, the products are registered, undergo control, and they are waiting for one more, final stage of verification.
Hair washing

We test the hair for the presence or absence of "changeling", and also wash it with shampoo and conditioner. Trunov Hair Professional does not use heavy silicones and dries products naturally - at the first glance at the cut, you should understand how it will look after normal home care. The natural pattern of the hair, texture, highlights - all this the buyer must evaluate visually.

Quality control

At each stage, the hair undergoes thorough internal control, but despite this, after washing, the products are once again checked by the employees of the finishing control department. We value our work and value the trust of our customers, so we cannot allow any product imperfections. The verification ends with the registration of products that 100% meet the quality requirements.

Product release

We take into account all the problems that the client may encounter, listen to the wishes and create not just hair extensions, but a new philosophy of beauty and style.

After a repeated quality control procedure, the hair receives a product passport. Now they are ready to meet the buyer! Each strand has come a long way and is now ready to serve you long and honestly..

We never tire of repeating, hair is a diamond, which Trunov Hair Professional gives a unique cut. Only in this way will he shine and reveal to the world the power of his beauty.
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