Professional comb for hair extensionsдля наращенных волос


Professional comb for hair extensions.

The comb has a special double bristle and the usual semi-circular shape. One part of the bristles is quite hard and can untangle tangled hair without damaging the capsules, and the second is soft and these bristles not only smooth the strands, but also enhance their natural shine.

The bristles polish the hair, while the pins comb through and detangle the hair. The rubber pad flexes easily for better combing and styling results.

This allows the hair not to get tangled, it is also perfectly combed without injury and tearing. According to reviews, it copes well with mats.

Suitable for any type: Slavic, Asian, South Russian, etc.

Combing surface length: 13 cm. Width: 8 cm.

This comb will not break the strands and will keep all connections intact. Hair does not split or break.

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Professional comb for hair extensionsдля наращенных волос
13.96 $